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How to choose a Marine Surveyor?

Marine surveying industry is not well regulated. This means that anyone can register a business and call themselves a marine surveyor. Most marine surveyors are independent sole proprietors.

Your contacts at the ports, vessel agents or industry peers are a good source to recommend reputable and knowledgeable surveyors that suit your particular needs.

Factors to consider when choosing a marine surveyor:

  • Do they hold a qualification in surveying or maritime trade?
  • Are they members of a professional association and hence abide by the association’s codes of ethics and rules?
  • Do they maintain full Marine Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance?
  • Do they have the skill set, competency and knowledge in the type of cargo or vessel you require surveying? 

Just like in any other trade, ask for professional references. Request a sample report for a similar survey that meets your need. 

We at Sirius Marine have established a good reputation serving the Hampton Roads transportation community and we look forward to working with you.

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